What to do When You Feel Overwhelmed.

What to do when you feel overwhelmed. There is a wealth of information at our fingertips in modern society and whilst the benefits are endless, this can also be harmful. Being able to tune in to everything that is happening in the world is overwhelming and  we need to ensure that we are exercising boundaries. If you are deeply empathic then you can be hit particularly hard by the endless stories of suffering that are taking place.

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There has always been devastation, disappointments, crimes and injustice in the world, yet it seems to be heightened currently, on top of that we have uncertainty and things being turned upside down before our very eyes. Incidents that take place on another side of the planet are placed in front of us within minutes. We have the mainstream media constantly feeding us fear, doom and gloom, and then we also have other media outlets telling us what is taking place behind the scenes. Even when you manage to escape all of the media, it is highly likely that friends or family members, or even strangers,  want to discuss the same issues with you.

It is beneficial to talk sometimes and of course you do not want to bury your head in the sand but  balance is needed along with self-care. If you have had an emotionally draining day and then someone phones you to vent, you may need to let them know that you do not have the emotional capacity for that conversation. It is time to be honest with yourself and others. If you do not agree with something, or you have a gut instinct, then you need to tune into that gut instinct. We need to be tuned into our higher selves right now. We have knowledge and wisdom that we have accumulated over the years,  more than we give ourselves credit for, and now is the time to apply that wisdom.

You can’t calm the storm…so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.

Timber Hawkeye

Every change that happens on the outside, first begins within. With everything that is happening you may feel helpless or restless but the only power that you have is in the now. If you are spending your day dwelling on the past and things that you could have done differently. Or similarly, conjuring up images of what the future will look like for you, this is all placing your energy in a place that does not have any power.

It’s perfectly ok to admit that you are not ok.


I will use this analogy: imagine that your body was a walking plastic doll and your mind was the batteries that went inside the doll. If the batteries are outside of the doll, the doll has no power and cannot change or do anything. The batteries lay wasted and so does the doll. If the batteries are placed in the doll and they work in harmony, the doll is able to move and function as it should. Your mind needs to remain present and in your body. Worrying and scaring yourself with every piece of news that comes out, or every discussion topic that is brought up is a guaranteed way to leave you feeling drained and powerless. 

As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract.

Abraham Hicks

At this time it is imperative that you keep your vibration high so that you are able to resonate with things on that vibration. I have used the quote “Your vibe attracts your tribe” often and I believe it to be true. People, things and situations will come along in your life that match the energy that you are emitting. Keeping your frequency high  is conducive to changing the environment around you but you have to ensure that your light is shining from within. This does not mean ignoring your feelings, there will be days when you simply feel upset, worried, frustrated or disappointed and that is fine. Allow yourself to feel those feelings, let them pass through your body, journal about them, cry if you need to, do not stifle your emotions and allow them to stagnate in the body. When you have given yourself some time and identify what brought those emotions up then you can begin to raise your vibration. Below I have given some suggestions:

  • Go for a walk in nature, take some time to breathe deep and really take in the vastness of your surroundings. Take a moment to look at the sky and the limitless ever changing patterns, or look at the birds and how they go about their day flying high. Connecting with nature can really help to put things in perspective and help you to feel more grounded and at peace. If you are near grass or sand and the weather permits, it can be a great idea to take your shoes off so that you can really get the grounding benefits.
  • Take some time to do an activity that you love. Set the time aside and make sure that you really enjoy it. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing things that we forget to just relax, or when you do relax your mind reminds you of all the more constructive things that you could be doing.
  • Do some exercise and get your blood and energy flowing around your body. You will be hard pushed to finish moving your body and not feel as though your mood has improved for the better. This can be yoga, aerobics, jogging or light stretching. Any exercise that you enjoy.
  • Read high vibrational books or uplifting books. Reading has a way of getting past negative thoughts and contacting the subconscious mind, it puts you into a relaxed state and opens the mind to suggestions. You are in a similar state when you watch the television, which is why it is important to be selective with what you watch.
  • Be mindful of the things that you eat. We have heard the saying that “you are what you eat”, and this is true when it comes to the vibration of the food that you eat. Living foods like fruit and veg are able to raise the vibration of the body. If you have a delicious smoothie that is made to your taste, you will feel the positive benefits throughout the day, as opposed to having a tall glass of a fizzy drink.
  • Say “No” to something or someone that you know is going to drain your energy.
Photo by Elianne Dipp on Pexels.com

We all have moments of feeling overwhelmed but we have to ensure that we do not remain there. We are here to experience and enjoy life and even though we cannot control everything, we can always choose our reaction and direct our energy accordingly.


Published by C J Anonymous

I have started this blog to share my journey through narcissistic abuse and beyond, and to help others who may have been through similar experiences. I also wanted to share the things that have helped me to heal from codependency. As a mother it became of paramount importance to me to ensure that unconscious generational patterns were not passed down to my children. Narcissism and codependency runs through my family of origin, and whilst I have learned that I cannot change the behaviour of others, I know that I can learn and improve myself daily and show up as an example to my children. There is a wealth of information about narcissism and codependency and yet everyone has a unique story to tell. Other's that shared their stories, helped me to see that I was not alone in a toxic family, or an abusive relationship and I did not have to be the victim, I could reclaim my power and change my life around. My hope is to help others who may feel as though they are the victim, suffer from low self-esteem, or believe that someone else has power over them. It can sometimes be a small quote, or one blog post that resonates with someone and starts their healing journey.

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