About The Anonymous Golden Child.

Growing up in a narcissistic or toxic family is something that many of us deal with. Sometimes we are unaware of the fact that we have been raised in an abusive home because the abuse may be covert but there may be a niggling feeling that something is amiss. I have started this blog to share my journey of healing from narcissistic abuse and codependency, I hope that my story will help you to heal and grow also.

Growing up I was the golden child in a narcissistic family and this can sometimes be viewed as a favourable position because you are deemed to be the favourite, however there are many unfavourable elements that come along with being the golden child, from lacking self esteem to people pleasing and having a weak sense of self. I will endeavour to share how I regained a sense of self and began to love the self that I found. The healing journey is an on going one but it is great to share with individuals who may have had similar experiences.

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